About Iran’s traditional medicine

Iran is a really good source of all kinds of herbs that are self grown. Among 3 thousands of herbs which are known in the world, 140 kinds of them are in Iran. Right now herbal medicine has got many admirer in west. 80% of German use herbal medicine and English royalties are cured by herbal medicines for more than one century.
Besides herbal medicines find more and more admirers in U.S and France. We hope that this forgotten culture finds its place among our society the sooner and we observe that people use traditional and herbal medicine and herbal essences.
From the point of view of Iran’s traditional medicine, plants has got nature and are classified based on being cold, hot, wet and dry. And the diseases are recognized based on the person’s nature. Besides the herbal essences have got gentler nature comparing with the plant itself and it is more temperate in compared to dry plant. So it embraces a wide range of serious diseases with different kinds of nature. So it’s suggested that every one uses a certain amount of them based on the person’s nature so that it could be useful as a medical and dietary supplement for health.
The information which are provided in this catalogue are compiled using valid herbal medicine books and great person’s experiences like Avicenna Ghanoon, Elhavi Zakaria Razi, Kharazmshahi Source, Gherbadin Kabir, Aghili Khorasani Makhzanol Advie, Tohfeye Hakim Momen      
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