About Behgol

Herb industry has got a new name in recent years. A name that even though was new, but it gives out a scent of many years of experience and antecedent. Behgol ,herbal products complex, in Kashan with more than a quarter of a century of experience in production rose water and herbal , starts acting as an industry in 2006. This complex is the only          production and packing unit of pasteurization rose water and herbal in Kashan.
This complex ,managing by Mohammad aAli Haji, using past rich experiences, introduces products that are made in a safe and sanitary area according to standards of the world using equipped laboratories and modern and automatic         machines  in the field of production and pasteurization and packing of more than 75 kind of herbals and a mixture of herbal medicines in different areas and in different containers. These features distinct this complex from the other        producers.
Plentiful interest to production and export and awareness of business knowledge has allowed this complex to produce herbal products with better quality, as well as making a good way for upward growth in every respect.
Herbal products complex, Behgol has insisted on 4 characteristics during the process of production: quality, innovation, reasonable price and customer satisfaction. So they put paying attention to customers’ needs and accepting feedback on the basis of their activities. They vary their productions and adherence to these principles make them progress.
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